What is a Couples Intensive?

What is a Couples Intensive?

A couples intensive is designed for those who desire a higher level of focus and increased attention to their relationship. Sometimes couples are in crisis or feel they’ve tried everything, but nothing has “worked” and feel hopeless and facing divorce. For these couples, weekly sessions can feel like an eternity when in crisis. It can be frustrating fitting in sessions on busy work days with packed schedules and kids activities. The benefit of an intensive session is that it removes the start up and wind down of the weekly sessions. Intensives create greater traction and efficiency for the couple to engage in the relationship work. When you schedule an intensive, you have your counselor’s undivided attention and you’ll be enabled to fully engage without interruptions. There’s less worrying about your session end-time and being distracted with what’s next on your busy agenda.

Our approach for Couples Intensives.

Christie is an Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) with levels one and two (Externship and Core Skills) training completed. She is working towards EFT Certification. EFT is highly regarded as the gold standard for couples therapy. You can learn more about the EFT approach from the founder, Sue Johnson, here: What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (or EFT). Christie is also Gottman Method Couples Therapy trained levels one and two. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is an approach based on 40 years of research and highly effective. While the primary modality used with couples is EFT, Gottman resources are utilized for support and further education to highlight red flags and green lights in the relationship. You can learn more about the Gottman method here: Welcome to The Gottman Institute.

What to expect in a Couples Intensive

Currently offering 1 and 2-day intensives, 9:00-5:00 PM, with a one hour lunch break at noon and shorter breaks as needed. The morning begins with assessment and individual sessions to better understand the background and perspectives of each partner. Christie assesses family of origin issues that may be impacting the couple. After lunch the real work begins. Christie will press into communication styles and patterns that have kept the couple stuck. The couple will begin the work of restoring connection, deepening understanding and practicing clear communication.

Preparing for a Couples Intensive

Couples will complete intake forms to help Christie prepare for the intensive. Christie recommends getting a good night of sleep the night before your appointment. Come with an open mind, a heart seeking to understand, and the willingness to own your part in the negative cycle between you and your partner. Make sure children are with caring adults you trust. Handle any work obligations prior to your intensive so that you can fully engage and let go of outside responsibilities and stressors. Following the intensive session, it’s recommended that couples make plans to go for a walk, get coffee together, and/or plan a dinner date. This will allow time to fully digest and celebrate the work accomplished that day.

Expected Outcomes:

Our goal in all couples therapy is to help couples safely explore, communicate, and understand their own and their partner’s fears, needs and desires in order to establish or reestablish connection, intimacy and a secure bond. Our hope is that through this deeper level of emotional connection, couples will learn to genuinely love each other unconditionally. We want you to dream again and create a new vision for your relationship moving forward.

Intensive Options:

You may schedule a 1-day or 2 day couples intensive.  Pricing for intensives is $1500 per day.

Following up after the Intensive

Depending on availability, following the intensive, you may continue working with any counselor at Married Life or we are happy to refer you to other EFT therapists to provide ongoing support. EFT counseling typically requires 8-20 sessions, depending on the personal needs of each individual and the unique challenges facing each couple.

Ready to schedule?

If you’re interested in scheduling an intensive with Christie Orosz, please reach out to our office intake coordinator at 234-303-2325.

Christie Orosz, LPCC-S

Christie Orosz, LPCC-S

Christie is the founder of Married Life Counseling and her passion for marriage stems from her own personal journey. Her parents struggled, and then she and her husband struggled. She has the determination to help other couples grow in their marriage.


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