Marriage Counseling

We believe in your marriage and we will equip you to make it better than ever.

Marriage Counseling

We believe in your marriage and we will equip you to make it better than ever.

We believe in marriage.

We believe we have a Creator who sees a bigger picture and purpose for marriage than our momentary comfort and pleasure. We believe marriage is a commitment worth fighting for and investing in.

We consider it an honor to work with couples through the complex dynamics of marriage in hopes of healing hurts, restoring faith and trust, learning healthy communication, and rediscovering intimacy.

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Marriage Counseling may help if you are stuck in these areas:

Lack of Trust


Communication Issues


Lack of Intimacy

Handling Money


Different Expectations

Marriage Counseling and Coaching creates space to:

Experience Relief

Couples frequently report experiencing some relief after their first session.

Improve Communication

Being heard, understood, and validated helps us de-escalate and opens our mind to hear our partner.


Once we define what’s happening to cause conflict and discomfort, we begin to clear the fog and find a new way to connection and teamwork.


We have a plan and a roadmap for couples and it doesn’t have to take years or thousands of dollars to experience relief and find camaraderie with your partner again.

Will this work?

The Married Life Approach

Two becoming one – marriage is something most of us long for and work hard to get. When confusion and conflict pervade and one or both partners want out of the marriage the pain and heartache are unbearable.

Have you tried marriage or couples counseling before and found the therapist was more of a mediator or audience while the two of you bickered? Or have you experienced blame and an unfair sense of responsibility while your partner came out looking like the “good guy”? We believe both individuals have valid perspectives that need to be acknowledged in order for the marriage to thrive. Married Life counseling aims to explore and discover the deeper dynamics happening between a couple when conflict and misunderstandings take over.

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

– Dave Meurer

Are we a fit?

Work With Us

We work with newlyweds and nest-builders all the way up to the empty-nesters and golden agers! Most human beings have this in common- a desire to love and be loved. That brings us together and builds a foundation for the counselor and client to collaborate. We find the best outcomes with folks who are willing to take 100% responsibility for themselves and their part in the “tango”.

Ready to get started?

Our Process

We believe marriage counseling is for ALL couples because it’s such a significant relationship. We make it easy and even fun! Counseling isn’t always heavy and hard, you’ll find laughter and humor as we dive into personalities and stories that are unique to you.


Schedule Appointment

Sometimes, the hardest part of lasting change is taking the first step. We’d love to chat with you if you’d like to ask questions and make sure one of our clinicians is a good fit. Otherwise, you are welcome to click the ‘schedule online’ button where you will have access to our practice calendar, choose your clinician, and book your first appointment.


Complete Paperwork

All intake forms are sent to your email, giving you access to your private, confidential client portal. Allow 30 to 60 minutes to complete all forms. This is an important step because it helps give us an overview of what’s happening and prepare for your first session. The client portal provides you with 24/7 access to all of your paperwork, invoices, scheduling, worksheets, and handouts.


Meet with Your Counselor

In the first appointment, we’ll get to know each other, create a genogram, (a quick diagram that illustrates your family members, history, and relationships), and explore what’s happening today. We’ll begin to formulate a plan to move forward and you’ll receive a follow-up email with the next steps.

Resources for Married Couples


The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work
by Dr. John Gottman

Created for Connection
by Dr. Sue Johnson & Kenneth Sanderfer

God, Sex, and Your Marriage
by Juli Slattery

Marriage Intensives

For couples in crisis, separated, or considering divorce, we recommend considering a marriage intensive.

Inquire about two-day marriage intensives with Christie Orosz, LPCC

Hope Restored – A Marriage Intensive Experience by Focus on the Family

Marriage Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your success rate?

Tracking outcomes with our clients is something we’re working on. In the meantime, counseling is very collaborative. We will check in with you frequently to see what’s working and what’s not working and we’ll adjust and acclimate as needed. We find high success with folks that are willing to try, be teachable, humble, and patient.

How long will counseling take?

We ask couples to commit to weekly counseling for 6-8 weeks. At that point, we will reassess. Some couples “graduate” and return as needed. Others discover childhood wounds or other diagnoses are impacting their current realities and desire to continue working together to deepen healing and restoration.

What do we do after our first session?

After your first session, and after most sessions, we ask you to review any handouts provided and give them a try. We often provide support outside of the counseling office including books, podcasts, worksheets, youtube videos, etc. Unfortunately, we are not miracle workers, you have work to do outside of the counseling office! We’ll also provide gentle accountability to follow up with you on the goals and challenges from your last session.

What if my spouse isn’t willing to participate?

There’s still hope! You have influence and the changes you make individually can greatly impact your partner. Please speak with us regarding your situation and we’ll work with you on a plan.

We’ve done marriage counseling before and all the blame was put on my shoulders. How will this experience be any different?

First of all, we understand and have seen too many times this dynamic play out, personally and professionally. Rather than blaming each other, we work to identify and demonize the cycle, the emotional triggers, happening between partners. When we misbehave, there’s often a reason behind the behavior. We’ll go there by creating safety and partnership to uncover the hurts, wounds, and misunderstandings “under the water line”. We will also check in with you frequently to see how we’re doing addressing your concerns. If one partner is feeling blamed and overly responsible, we want to know and understand what’s happening there.

How do we pay for your services?

Please see our general Frequently Asked Questions page for information on how much a session costs, our insurance, and other financial policies.

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