Do You See Individuals & Children?

Do you see individuals and children?

Yes! We see individuals and children! At Married Life Counseling, we are especially trained, concerned and passionate about making sure couples get the very best counseling and coaching possible. And, marriage is made up of two individuals. A marriage, or any couple relationship, is only as healthy as each individual person in the marriage. In addition to prioritizing couples therapy, each counselor has their own specialties and passions they bring to their sessions.

Often in couples counseling, we discover buried issues from childhood, substance abuse struggles, anxiety and depression in one or both partners, infidelity, etc. We’ve found it’s beneficial to see the same counselor for individual sessions that you are seeing for couples sessions. The therapist has a good idea of the struggles both individuals are facing rather than creating an inadvertent bias against the partner not present.

It’s also helpful if one partner is having trouble communicating in couples sessions to take a break and meet with your counselor individually. We recommend keeping those sessions even, if possible, by seeing both husband and wife individually until they are able to participate in couples sessions again. Your counselor is in a good position to collaborate and work with you both as a couple and individually to identify the things that are likely getting in the way, or blocking, connection and intimacy in your relationship as well as in your own personal life.

Counseling Children at our Practice

When couples have found help and productive work with their therapist, they often request help with their children as well. A natural “byproduct” of a couple relationship improving is that the entire family system improves. As couples learn to communicate better and practice better conflict resolution, they will also be able to implement these skills with their children and other family members and relationships.

Our recommendation includes first working with the parents and then once that relationship is established, bringing children into the counseling relationship. It’s hard for kids to change and implement what they are learning in counseling if the home they go back to is still dysfunctional and using old, ineffective communication and coping strategies. Alternatively, if a child needs to be seen but we haven’t seen the parents, we advise the parents to accompany the child or adolescent and willingly engage in the counseling process alongside the minor.

Married Life & Family Life

Married life is family life and we are here to support the entire family unit. Please reach out and our intake coordinator, Jamie, will help you find the best fit therapist to walk alongside you as you journey towards more fulfilling and thriving individual, couple and family relationships.

Couples, Individuals & Children

At Married Life Coaching & Counseling, we’ve made it our mission to help couples connect. We also recognize there is a great need for individual and child counseling. No matter who you are, we want to help you! Call us today or conveniently schedule immediately through our Client Portal. We look forward to working with you on your journey towards greater wellness in mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

Christie Orosz, LPCC-S

Christie Orosz, LPCC-S

Christie is the founder of Married Life Counseling and her passion for marriage stems from her own personal journey. Her parents struggled, and then she and her husband struggled. She has the determination to help other couples grow in their marriage.


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