Grace-based counseling to help you grow together, not apart.

You are not alone!

We believe in marriage and will guide your healing journey.

Whether you are looking for support, redemption, healing, or growth, our licensed and trained marriage counselors and coaches can help you stop fighting against each other and start fighting for each other. We believe best friendship is possible in marriage and we’re here to help you find the way.

Who we help

Married Life Coaching & Counseling Services

Married Life Counseling Happy Couple

Married Couples

We consider it an honor to work with couples through the complex dynamics of marriage in hopes of healing hurts, restoring faith and trust, learning healthy communication, and rediscovering intimacy.

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Married Life Individual Counseling


We work with individuals primarily from the perspective of relationships because those we are close to impact us and we impact them. The name of our practice doesn’t mean we don’t work with single folks!

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Married Life Family Counseling


As couples heal, children experience emotional safety and stability. Married Life Counseling and Coaching starts with the couple to impact personal lives, children’s lives and ultimately family life and communities.

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Married Life Premarital Counseling

Engaged Couples

Pre-engaged and pre-marital counseling are proactive ways to address and confront sometimes hidden dynamics, create healthy communication strategies, and build a solid foundation for the future of your relationship.

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Christie Orosz Founder of Married Life Counseling in Akron Ohio

Why Married Life?

Hi, I’m Christie!

I’m passionate about marriage because of my own marriage journey. My parents struggled, and then my husband (Mike) and I struggled, even though we were both very determined.

We tried many counselors, invested thousands of dollars (that we didn’t have), read books, and went to intensives, retreats, and workshops…with very little change.

Then we learned the tools we needed to make progress together. We still have work to do, but we are finding connection and the best friendship we have always hoped for.

Married Life uses these same tools with our clients and we are passionate about bringing health and healing to your marriage!

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What we believe

We believe we have a God who modeled for us and designed us for relationships, whether we are married or not. Marriage happens to be one of the most significant relationships we seek and hope for. It’s the relationship that best establishes security, safety, soothing, and significance for adults and children. Studies show that happily married couples are actually healthier, more productive, and live longer lives. Regardless of your faith and perspective, the principles we use and teach will help you navigate communication and conflict in a way that will “stick”, provided you’re willing to yield, explore, and engage.

Married Life Marriage Counselors Akron Ohio Newlyweds

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

– Robert Quillen

What our clients experience

“We are incredibly grateful for Christie’s knowledge, advice, patience with us, kindness, and for cheering us on as we grow deeper in love in our marriage. She is pretty darn amazing!”

K.A. and T.A.

“We are so thankful for Christie. She has poured her insight, knowledge, and Godly wisdom into our lives. We don’t know what we would have done without her for the past year. She has been a tremendous blessing in our lives and will continue to be in the months ahead.”

S.K. and D.K.

“I would not be in the place I am today without Christie’s expertise and support!”


Married Life Couch with pillows coming together